Honduras sweeps individual awards


POINTE-A - PITRE, Guadeloupe, June 16, 2013- Honduras captured all the individual awards when the World Championship Qualification Group N came to a close. This was further testament to their domination of the group while securing first place.


The Best Scorer went to Carlos Osorio who recorded a tally of 47. He was followed by his teammate Evans Torres with 44 and Heindrick Perrot (Guadeloupe) in 3rd with 38.


In the Best Spiking category Evans Torres edged Osorio for first place; Torres had a 46 % success rate scoring on 38 of 82 attempts while Osorio had 42 of 100 attempts. Once again Perrot had to settle for 3rd in this category.


The battle for Best Blocker was very close as Luis Matamoros with 9 sneaked past Guadeloupe's Rosnel Gammiette with 8. Adam Lafeuillee of Grenada was third with 7.


The Best server was easier to decide as Luis Membreno had 10 aces to second place Ludovic Saha of Guadeloupe 8.


Thirty nine (39) successful digs by Christobal Maradiaga saw him win that category over Julian Seraphine of Dominica who had 31.


The best setter was adjudged to be Luis Membreno with the highest average of 6 per game while in another close contest the Libero award went to Christobal Maradiaga over Didier Mangel of Guadeloupe. 


Carlos Osorio also won another category as he was easily the best receiver of the tournament. That made it easy for him to be declared the Most Valuable Player of the group.


Final team Positions

1. Honduras

2. Guadeloupe

3. Dominica

4. Grenada


Carlos Osorio Roque

MVP, Best Receiver and Best Scorer


Luis Membreno

Best Setter and Best Server


Cristobal Maradiaga

Best Digger and Best Libero