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Indoor Volleyball referees reached practical and theoretical goals in continental seminar


TIJUANA, Mexico, December 1, 2017 - Volleyball referees who were recently certified in Baja California, complied with their assignments during the theoretical and practical sessions that took place at the FIVB-Norceca Development Center.


According to José Ramón Pérez Vento, the sessions were carried out satisfactorily, and there was great feedback in the group. Trainers from different countries were evaluated in the courts of the Multipurpose Gymnasium by working on practical cases as well as by watching plays and fouls for the correct interpretation and application of rules.


"It was helpful and also very useful for all of them," said Perez Vento. "Also, we had a very good team that was in charge of developing the practices with the guys from the sports talent program of Baja California, who took advantage of their training hours to have those real game situations with the candidates calling and assisting as a second referee and as line judges, "he said.


Meanwhile, Canadian instructor Ray Bradbury stated: “One of the goals for this particular evento was to introduce Norceca referees to the next level of international referees with people from many zones and many different qualities. So what we´ve attempted to do is provide with really interactive course in both theoretical and practical situations”.


Workshops took place at the Baja California High Performance Center Multi-sport Building (where the Norceca Development Center offices are located). Theoretical discussions were part of the agenda, and at the same time candidate referees were observed by the group of instructors during the practical sessions on court at the Multipurpose Gym.


“They could implement some other things which we discussed in the classroom and one of the other things was that each nights the candidates were given a topic in their working groups and what we’ve had both beach and indoor volleyball working together”, Bradbury exposed.