Modernisation the key for FIVB Press and TV & New Media

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 20, 2013 – The FIVB Press Commission and, TV and New Media Commission firmed up its new objective to expand the FIVB’s social media and video activities during their two-day meetings which concluded in Lausanne, Switzerland on Monday.

The Press Commission, which started on Sunday with the Confederation Press Officers meeting, discussed ways to improve service to the media, the FIVB image and modernising its functions.

The TV & New Media Commission discussed ways to improve television production, the FIVB television experience and presentation.

The commissions held a joint meeting to explore ways of making volleyball more accessible, especially focusing on the FIVB’s media strategy for the next Olympic cycle leading up to Rio 2016.

A total of 10 FIVB Commission meetings are being held over the course of a month with the Development Commission meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday.