Coaches can’t wait for the start of Women’s Pan Am Cup


CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico, June 30, 2011 – The head coaches of the 12 teams taking part in the X Women’s Pan American Volleyball Cup are enthusiastic about the start of the competition and most of them share the common goal of winning a ticket to next year’s FIVB World Grand Prix.


The coaches made their statements during the press conference held before the general technical meeting.


Horacio Bastit, Argentina: “Our preparation has been a good one; my team is young for the level of this competition but we hope for the best looking for a ticket to the Gran Prix.”


Jose Roberto Guimaraes, Brazil: “It’s the first important tournament of the year which is very vital for the team because we will be facing world class teams that are looking for the qualification to the Grand Prix.”


Arnd Ludwig, Canada: “We are happy to be here; we’ve been working hard for the last two years and we must focus in our game, always giving the best in all our matches.”


Hugo Jauregui, Chile: “This is our first time in a Pan American Cup as a result of a new development plan and profound transformation of Chilean women’s volleyball. We have high expectations as it’s not usual to face Norceca’s teams.”


Braulio Godinez, Costa Rica: “Maybe we are not as prepared as I wish we could, but the team will make their best effort and hope for the best in the tournament.”


Juan Gala, Cuba: “We’re aiming to the Grand Prix’s qualification; we know it will be difficult but we came here well prepared.”


Marcos Kwiek, Dominican Republic: “We have been practicing hard to retain our title, but we are aware that we have strong opponents. To reach our goal, we must face in each match as if it is a final.”


Mario Herrera, Mexico: “The level of competition is very high, so Mexico’s main objective is to qualify to the next round as our team has a combination of young players with some other experienced ones.”


Luca Cristofani, Peru: “I’ve just started in May as new head coach of the Peruvian team so my expectations are not in results but in the progress of the changes we’ve been working together switching from Asian techniques to a Western style of game.”


David Aleman, Puerto Rico: “We are well prepared; our main goal is to recover the space we lost last year for the Grand Prix and then finish in the best position as possible.”


Francisco Cruz, Trinidad & Tobago: “Trinidad & Tobago is a team in development; this is our fourth tournament in which we have the opportunity to compete against some of the world’s best which helps us to grow and become better.”


Hugh McCutcheon, United States: “The goal is the qualification to the Grand Prix. We are very excited to play against good opponents to see hoe we’re doing as a team. It will be a strong competition.”