Lamboy disserts on Legal Structure of Sport Organizations

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, June 25, 2020 – The virtual seminar of Sport Administration organized by the NORCECA/FIVB Regional Volleyball Development Center in Dominican Republic continued on Wednesday night with Jaime Lamboy lecturing on the topic of Principles of Governance for Non-Profit and Profit Organizations.

He began his dissertation explaining how and when an organization has the monopoly of a sport in a specific territory – that’s occurs when it controls the rules of the game, the international representation and the activities in that territory.

Lamboy, who presides over the Legal Commission of FIVB, then explained that the members of those institutions with that kind of control can be individuals or entities who are entitled to participate in the general assemblies of those governing bodies directly or delegated.

He also presented a diagram of the structure of a sport institution from the bottom (individual members) to the second and third level consisting of clubs, coaches and referees, then national associations, leagues and regions, and then to the top with the general assemblies.

Lamboy also commented on the executive committees and board of administrations, who are the individuals represented in those governing bodies, how they operates and its power.

At the international level, Lamboy commented on the International Federations, the Regional Organizations and the International Olympic Committee and their areas of influence and members. Specifically he explained that the IOC is composed by individual members

Next Monday, starting at 20:00 EDT, Lamboy will participate with the second part of his dissertation.