Volleyball and Beach Volleyball expand in Bermuda


BERMUDA, March 13, 2012 – The Bermuda Volleyball Association will increase its participation in regional events three years after running a Development Plan established by NORCECA Confederation.


“Now we can say the foundation is firmly established in order to maintain a sustainable program,” NORCECA instructor Juan Cartagena said.


“During our past visits we worked in creating the pyramid of development and the expansion of the program to all areas,” Cartagena added. “During these three years we conducted national courses and today they have a coaches’ commission with 10 certified coaches.”


The Bermuda Volleyball Association also started a Cool Volley program that will serve as the seed for the development of youth and junior players who are now members of national teams including the senior level.


“That’s the first step toward national teams composed exclusively by native Bermudians within a three-year period,” he said.


The national teams have already started their preparation for next year’s ECVA volleyball tournament and the beach volleyball program is just underway.


Bermuda Volleyball Association has requested to host a first round World Championship Qualification Tournament next August and volleyball as a sport continues to expand reaching schools via Cool Volley and Mass Volley programs.