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Marte Hoffiz optimistic about NORCECA financial future

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, April 23, 2017 – NORCECA Volleyball Confederation will continue with the development plan launched by the continental institution in 2010 for the benefit of national federations of category I and II.

The announcement was made by the confederation president Cristobal Marte Hoffiz during the annual meeting of the Finance Commission on Saturday.

“NORCECA is prepared to multiply efforts to generate financial resources in order to keep working our programs of volleyball and beach volleyball at all levels and to continue offering the opportunity to compete to our national federations,” Marte Hoffiz said.

“Our plan is to continue working to spread the seed of volleyball and beach volleyball the way we have been doing since I first became president of NORCECA in 2001,” Marte Hoffiz said. “Difficult times require bigger efforts and the legacy for the future generations is very important for me, personally, as well as for the other members of the NORCECA family.”

He commented that NORCECA is the only confederation within FIVB that completed fourteen qualification tournaments in 2016 towards the 2018 FIVB World Championships while saying the process will continue this year.

“We are committed to work as hard as the circumstances demand from us,” Marte Hoffiz said. “Our properties have generated important resources over the past few years allowing us to keep running our programs.”

The president of NORCECA added “we are a sport institution and the money that comes to the sport must go to sport and that’s the reason for the existence of the development plan to favor the growth of volleyball.”

He presented several information graphics to show how NORCECA has been able to increase its own financial resources to go along with the assistance from FIVB.

“We really appreciate the valuable assistance from FIVB, which is our mother institution, but we have not been waiting with crossed arms for that support to fall in,” he said. “On the contrary, we have worked with creativity and dynamism to our own growth as regional governing body.”

Marte Hoffiz made reports of the activities by the Development Centers in Dominican Republic and Tijuana, Mexico and announced that a new center will open in Trinidad & Tobago in collaboration with the University of Tinidad & Tobago, UTT, the National Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport and Youth.

The commission received a complete financial statement of NORCECA, duly audited, as well as the projected budget for 2017 and 2018 to be presented for approval to the Executive Committee and Board of Administration next month. The report was presented by Olga Rivas, finances manager of NORCECA, and Miguelina Martinez, senior accountant.

The Finance Commission meeting was chaired by its president Alberto Arreola of Mexico and Margaret Graham of Haiti as secretary.

Also in attendance were Eric Eugenia of Curacao and Victor Gil of Dominican Republic as member of the commission, Wilbur Harrigan of Antigua & Barbuda as NORCECA treasurer and Earlene Pereira of Trinidad & Tobago as internal auditor.