Mexican Guerra, Focusing in Poland WCH


TIJUANA, Mexico, August 15, 2014 - Mexican Carlos Guerra, who built a solid playing career in Switzerland, remarked that the increased hard work has become an influence in the results of his team.


However, that is because of a big goal: the participation at the FIVB World Championships in Poland.  “I think that some mistakes have been as a result of our physical work, with a lot of technical movements”, He said.


“Probably we move are a little bit slower on the court, but that is because of the physical charge during our fitness and training sessions”.


The Pan Am Cup has been a special parameter to see where they are at this momento. “When we arrived here for competition, we knew that we had worked with very intense working charges and physical preparation. We would not be on top or at high level, but our goal is to arrive with an optimal condition to the World Championships”.


Mexico aspired to advance to semifinals. However, Puerto Rico defeated the host team in the quarterfinals round in four sets. “We had an advantage always during the first three sets, but we were physically tired and that beat us at the time. We wanted to get back and put some pressure, but We couldn´t do so,” indicated.


Despite that, the Mexican athlete who has played regularly in Europe established that his country has a deep roster with high caliber players that will look to keep on the fifth best teams of the Cup and to remain in World League.


Match for fifth place is scheduled saturday between Mexico and Venezuela, that became a sweet surprise.


“Everybody contribute on the same way as part of this team,” Gerra added. “We don’t depend on one player to make all the points. We just expect that everybody do their best. Unfortunately I could not contribute as I normally do,” said abut the match against Puerto Rico.


The International Mexican player has also a bigger challenge during the Cup hopes to be ready for the World Championship gets closer, after suffering an ankle sprain a month ago.


 “Personally, I suffered that injury a month ago. I am recovering day by day. However it hurts a little bit when I try to jump. Probably this pain will go on during World Championship, but I will do my best to be ready and solve this issue,” He concluded.