More than 100 kids take part in Phys Ed Teachers Seminar


TORTOLA, Virgin Islands, October 8, 2013 – More than 120 kids of different age took part in the International Seminar for Physical Education Teachers held in Tortola as NORCECA Confederation continues with its development program throughout all the regions under its zone of influence.


“This is a very important seminar because it has a double purpose, one to give the teachers the necessary tools and also to motivate the kids to start playing volleyball at a tender age,” said Yoanna Mota Moreno, vice director of the Regional Development Center in Dominican Republic.


The kids participated in a number of recreational activities connected to volleyball while the teachers continue to receive more information about the way to instruct the students in the proper way.’


The main objective of the seminar is to enhance the teacher’s knowledge about volleyball and also how to motivate the athletes at the school level to start practicing volleyball and beach volleyball.


“It was very enthusiastic activity with all the kids enjoying the game,” said Tony Westman, the instructor of the course.