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New venue and Sport Court floor in Nicaragua

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, December 1, 2016. - Nicaragua inaugurated new Volleyball venue and Sport Court floor donated by NORCECA on the occasion of the AFECAVOL Women’s FIVB World Championship qualification tournament.

Bertha Cuadra President of Nicaragua’s Volleyball National Federation FNVB was very pleased during the inaugural event at the Volleyball Gymnasium of Nicaragua’s Sports Institute IND, as well as the donation of a Sport Court floor donated by NORCECA.

“Without the support of our government authorities and of NORCECA with their development plan, this moment wouldn’t be possible. Nicaragua now has its own volleyball venue, which contributes to our hard work towards the growth of this beautiful sport which is my priority” indicated Cuadra.

This was the perfect occasion to speed up the construction of the IND venue, which will be destined to play volleyball exclusively and with the new Sport Court floor brought thru NORCECA’s development plan created in 2009 for category I and II National Federations.

Cuadra added “this important moment for volleyball is possible thanks to the efforts of Daniel Ortega President of Nicaragua and Marlon Torres Director of Nicaragua’s Sports Institute”. She also appreciated the countless working hours of Cristobal Marte Hoffiz FIVB First Vice-President and NORCECA President, as well as Marta Centeno AFECAVOL President. 

Also attending the opening ceremony were the delegations of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, Jose Luis Jimenez Lao NORCECA Supervisor, Jorge Villalobos Referee Supervisor of the event, Judith Sandino FNVB Vice-President and NORCECA VIS Commission President and representatives of Nicaragua’s Sports Institute.