Norceca certifies first generation of sitting volleyball coaches in Mexico



TIJUANA, Mexico, December 7, 2015 - The Norceca Confederation certified 50 sitting volleyball coaches after a seminar that was held successfully at the Regional Development Center in Baja California.


The certification was the first after a three day course that was directed by USA Volleyball coach Bill Hamiter in his first visit to the city of Tijuana.


The visit was full of satisfactions for the American coach after accomplishing all the goals set since the first day of activities


The course-seminar finished after more than 20 hours of both classroom and court sessions. At the end the Norceca Development Center authorities gave certificates to the participants.


Hamiter as well as the Center Activities Coordinator Alberto Arreola and supervisor, Jacqueline Montes were present at the closing ceremony.


Prior of closing the last session, Hamiter shared the main points of the so-called coaching philosophy and even in the last sessions commented on the cases of successful coaches who have shared their experiences.


He spoke about some examples like NCAA basketball legend John Wooden, as well as other icons like Don Shula, who was the winningest coach in the NFL when he was in charge of the Miami Dolphins.


The practical sessions were captured the attention  of fans and players who attended to the Baja California Youth Volleyball Circuit (Cibavol) held at the Multipurpose Gymnasium of the High Performance Centre.


"It's really satisfying and fascinating the way we work with our coaches and attendants," said Hamiter. "There was a a lot of dedication from them and welcome them as part of the sitting volleyball."


Not only coaches were present, the group of attentants was composed by referees, officials, students of the Physical Activity and Sports Faculty of the Baja California University as well as Physical Education teachers and staff of local sports institutes.


The course was free of charge and according to authorities Development Center FIVB-NORCECA, more seminars are expected in the future, with the goal of strengthening the adapted.


Hamiter also received a special recognition for his participation in training workshop by the Bja California Sports and Physical Culture Institute and the Regional Development Center.


The American coach gave in return an autographed jersey by members of USA national sitting volleyball team as a gift to the Center to be placed as part of the distinguished visitors' gallery.