Clinic for Beach Volleyball Referees in Antigua

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, November 20, 2010 - Mr. Miguel Angel Ramirez Revara, an international referee with the FIVB and a referee’s supervisor with NORCECA, came to Antigua prior to the inaugural Eastern Caribbean Beach Volleyball Olympic qualifying tournament.  Present at this important workshop were referees from the British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Dominica and Antigua. 


Items covered during the workshop were the FIVB beach volleyball rules for 2009-2012 and protocols used for matches, protests, injury and scoring.  A copious amount of time was sent on the use of the score sheets and instructions for the scorers.  This was deemed necessary as the score sheets tells the history of the game.


The second day of the workshop focused on giving the referees actual game practice.  This was deemed extra important as this would prepare them for competition.  Other aspects of the day’s activity also included knowing and determining various aspects of the court dimensions, player security and free zone areas.  


The third day was a repeat of the second day in that the referees were exposed to more match practice.  The referees’ skills were sharpened with the presence of neutral referee Mr. Dennis M. Franceschini.  He was able to impart his expertise to a warm and receptive cohort of referees.