International Sport Management Seminar begins in Punta Cana


PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic, October 4, 2011 – The NORCECA International Sport Management Seminar for National Federations Category I and II began on Tuesday with the presence of Mr. Jizhong Wei, President of FIVB and NORCECA President Mr. Cristobal Marte Hoffiz.


The activity is organized by the FIVB Regional Development Center in Dominican Republic and the coordinator of the seminar is Mr. Mushtaque Mohammed, Vice President of NORCECA in charge of development.


During Tuesday’s first session, Mr. Wei explained the structure and operations of FIVB and Mr. Marte Hoffiz spoke about NORCECA Confederation and its development plan.


Mr. Mohammed referred to the importance of development and its necessity and Mr. Larry Romany made a masterful dissertation on the Strategic Planning.


During the afternoon, Mr. Romany and Mr. Helgi Thorsteinsson, FIVB Director of Development, continued on the topic of the strategic planning while Ms. Chrissy Benz commented about the development of leaders and working with volunteers.


Mr. Thorsteinsson explained the programs of Cool Volley and All Volleyball Festivals as well as the Development Fund and Strategic Leadership. Mohammed spoke about the structure of the National Federations and the role of the different officers.


At the end of the afternoon it was organized a practical workshop about strategic management with the participants divided in groups of six individuals.