Pepe and Gabo making history in beach volleyball

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, April 16, 2022 – Like Father like Son!

David Vargas, the longtime beach volleyball player representing El Salvador at multiple events in NORCECA Tour, is back again showing no effects from Father Time and ready to compete at the Santo Domingo Qualification Tournament to the World Championship.

The only difference is that Pepe, as everyone knows him in the beach volleyball circles, is not in the company of Carlos Escobar (a) Tato, his partner in so many events, but by his son Gabriel.

At 41 years of age, Pepe still presents the perennial athletic figure of his early years on the tour, but he also understands that the time is getting closer to giving way to a new breed of Salvadoran players, with his 17 years-old son Gabo as one of the newcomers.

“It is a dream coming true”, Pepe said in a recent interview about the chance to compete alongside his son in an international competition. "I don’t know if this is the first time a team made by father and son is playing at this level. It makes me very proud just the fact of being able to play together in a world championship qualifier, just wonderful”.

Pepe, who has participated in one world championship and four Pan American Games, has been playing for 23 years now so Gabo practically grew up near to the sands of the beach volleyball courts of El Salvador Volleyball Federation in San Salvador.

“He is a natural lefthander but after seeing me playing as a righty throughout the years he also became a righty and right now he is able to hit the ball harder than me,” Pepe commented.

“I feel happy about playing with my dad in an international competition”, the young Vargas said after a recent training session at home. “It feels pretty good and we get along very well playing as partners.”

The fans in Santo Domingo will have the chance to watch Pepe and Gabo playing in Pool A against the competition of United States (Taylor Crabb/Taylor Sander) and Guatemala (Andy Leonardo/Luis García).

Regardless of the results, their debut as father and son team in a world championship qualifier is already in the books as part of the history of beach volleyball.