President of FIVB preaches transparency to achieve credibility

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, June 23, 2020 – The FIVB President, Dr. Ary S. Graca F, encouraged the 41 National Federations and Territories of NORCECA to promote transparency and good governance within their institutions in order to obtain credibility.

The leader of FIVB spoke to the participants in the Sport Administration webinar organized by the FIVB/NORCECA Regional Volleyball Development Center in the Dominican Republic which began on Tuesday at 20:00 EST.

Dr. Graca underlined the importance of a good relationship with the authorities of each country in order to show how the volleyball federation operates.

He also emphasized on the good relationship the FIVB has established with the International Olympic Committee and how the social media platforms have helped the institution to show the world about its main goals.

The FIVB President was introduced by Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, President of NORCECA and First Executive Vice President of FIVB who thanked Dr. Graca for participating in the opening of the webinar which served as a motivation for the members of the different National Federations.

Mushtaque Mohammed, one of the lecturers of the webinar, introduced colleagues Jaime Lamboy and Steve Vadala who pronounced a few words ahead of their presentations.

Mushtaque made a presentation on the history of volleyball referring to its invention as a non-violent sport in 1895. He explained how the FIVB was formed and also how the NORCECA and different zones were created and also mentioned its presidents starting with Dr. Ruben Acosta until Cristobal Marte Hoffiz.

He encouraged the different National Federations to investigate their origins and how the game arrived into their countries and present their history in future encounters.

Before the closing of the meeting, Marte Hoffiz mentioned the participation of Luis Mejia Oviedo, President of the Dominican Olympic Committee and CACSO and member of the IOC.

Mejia Oviedo expressed his pleasure and honor of participating in the webinar and congratulated the organizers for the important initiative of organizing the Sport Administration Seminar for the benefit of the National Federations.

The Seminar will continue on Wednesday with Lamboy, President of FIVB Legal Commission, lecturing on Governance and Structure of a National Federation starting at 20:00 EST.