Productive meeting of NORCECA Development Commission

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, March 16, 2022 – The Development Commission of NORCECA held its annual meeting on Wednesday evening with the virtual attendance of the presidents of the different zonal associations and members of the commission.

The meeting was presided over by both Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, president of NORCECA and Mushtaque Mohammaed, president the NORCECA and FIVB Development Commissions. The presidents of the zonal associations are Mushtaque (CAZOVA), Glenn Quinlan (ECVA), Felix Sabio (AFECAVOL) and Mark Eckert (NCVA).

Marte Hoffiz had an active participation commenting on the development program since he took over the presidency of NORCECA, especially since 2009 when it started.

During his participation, Mushtaque emphasized on the need for sustainability and the management of the National Federations and the purpose is to assist them in the next four years in providing assistance to improve these aspects.

He indicated that in this way little by little the National Federations are going to depend less on the assistance of local governments and more on corporate sponsors and commercial companies.

Another development plan will be an online English course to which players, coaches and especially referees will have access since we have very good ones who cannot progress in the FIVB due to lack of language proficiency.

He also explained the way the FIVB Development Program operates and how to access to that assistance as well as to the Olympic Solidarity funds.

Marte Hoffiz said NORCECA has to implement guidelines to all National Federations in order to make sure they follow all the necessary steps to apply for the Solidarity programs through their National Olympic Committees.

Mark Eckert explained the functioning of the FIVB Empowerment Commission whose programs are available to National Federations of all categories. He also referred to special assistance and gave as an example the case of France, which is receiving assistance in Beach Volleyball because they will host the 2024 Olympic Games.

Coach Trevor Theroulde commented on his experience working in Cayman Island and Bermuda with youth and junior categories and how the number of players have increased. He also has organized domestic courses with local coaches who can continue with the programs.

Coach Augusto Sabbatini made a complete report of his participation Suriname, Antigua and St Lucia. In Suriname he worked with volleyball teams and in Antigua and St Lucia he focused on beach volleyball.

Caoch Francisco Cruz reported on his experiences teaching in St Vincent and in Anguilla. In St Vincent he worked with the men’s team two sessions a day and they were able to win a zonal tournament. In Anguilla he was surprised with the good conditions he found out.

The presidents of the different Zonal Associations also commented on the development programs carried out within their respective regions.

Professor Nelson Ramírez presented a detailed report of all the virtual courses offered by the NORCECA/FIVB Volleyball Development Center in the Dominican Republic.