Tour NORCECA Voleibol de Playa listo para iniciar en Aguascalientes 

AGUASCALIENTES, Mexico, April 21, 2022 – The NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour 2022 is ready to kick off on Friday in Aguascalientes with teams from United States, Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands and host Mexico competing in both genders.


The list of teams registered to participate are scheduled to arrive today and go through the regular process of passports verification.


Veteran Juan Virgen, one of the most heralded players in the history of the competition will be back into action this time with Miguel Sarabia as his partner.


The tandem Virgen/Sarabia is one of three men’s teams registered by the Mexican Volleyball Federation. United States and Canada both have two teams participating per gender. The other Mexican duos are Jorge Barajas/Gabriel Cruz and Ricardo Galindo/Isaias Aguirre.


Men’s Teams: CAN Jake MacNeil/Alexander Russell, Daniel Dearing/Sam Schachter, CUB Jorge Luis Alayo/Noslen Díaz, ISV Travis Lee/Bryce Meyer, MEX Jorge Barajas/Gabriel Cruz, Ricardo Galindo/Isaias Aguirre, Juan Virgen/Miguel Sarabia, PUR Juan Ribas/Kevin Rodríguez, USA William Kolinske/Evan Cory, Travis Mewhirter/Thimoty Beewster.


Women’s Teams: CAN Brandie Wilkeron/Sophie Bukovec, Amanda Harnett/Alina Dormann, ISV Amber Bennett/Cristina Almeida, USA Megan Gebhard/Savanah Simo, Alexandra Wheeler/Susannah Muno, MEX Abril Flores/Esperanza Albarrán, Atenas Gutiérrez/María Quintero, Alejandra Villavicencio/María Celeste Ibarra.