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Trainers and Physical Therapists had a great preparation in Continental Seminar


TIJUANA, Meixco, June 26, 2017 - The Continental Seminar for Trainers and Physical Therapists was a very good platform in terms of theoretical and practical sessions.


According to the Course Instructor, Marlon Lopez, these activities had a great impact in the attendants who worked closely at the FIVB-Norceca, regional development center.


“This was a very beautiful experience as we had the chance to share our sports knowledge as well as in terms of rehab, how to prepare a training plan and the job of a physical therapist,” said Lopez who has also a Master’s Degree after studying at the Sports Science and Physical Culture University in Cuba.


“A Physical therapist is part of a team, he belongs to a multitask group with clear goals. Those goals are to take the athlete or the team to a result, in this case we applied our work to volleyball,” He remarked.


“As a team discipline, you have many choices and tools to work. I appreciate this opportunity to work closer with the coaches, trainers and therapists who are part of a Project with the state and national teams, and I also thank the center for having the chance of holding this seminar with the presence of foreign attendants.”


Trainers, therapists and coaches from Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States had the chance to participate and received an official certificate.