U-18 important age-group for AFECAVOL coaches


GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, September 1, 2013. -The common denominator is volleyball’s future in the region as AFECAVOL coaches are ready for the 10th Girls’ U-18 Central American Championship.


Getting set for the competition beginning on Monday, coaches of six Central American national teams exchanged their thoughts, during the preliminary inquiry and the general technical meeting on Sunday. They all agreed in building a stronger foundation for volleyball in the zone.


LupitaQuan (Belize) “the tournament will be interesting, nervousness will be the major factor for them to play comfortably. This is their first international challenge and they have not been together for a long time, without much exposure.”


Martin Rodriguez (Costa Rica) “the team has been consistent in practice, with regularity. We know that Central American teams have improved, therefore we’re prepared to defend the title showing what we do best and crowning for the fourth time in a row.”


Karina Cortez (El Salvador) “my team is a fighter despite their young age, they are inexperienced but they hope to battle to finish among the first places; I only hope they can control their anxiety.”


Edgar Callejas (Guatemala) “in occasions this has been a forgotten age-group category and in the best of my knowledge it´s the most important one because players dream in representing their country; we must build for the Guatemala’s future in volleyball.”


Jorge Montoya (Honduras) “four of my players were part of the U-20 team, which were preparing for this tournament and we hope they transmit positive energy to the rest. We’ve been working on the team’s concentration, always having in mind to be among the medalists”.


Carlos Kasper (Nicaragua) “our foremost idea in this age-group is educational, building for the girls’ future in volleyball; we always expect positive. This is their first international competition and they are well prepared.”